CodeTogether Plans & Pricing


Free* or Pro

In response to COVID-19, all PRO features are currently free.

Turnkey remote coding between your IDE and any browser around the world. Built to scale.
  • Secure sessions with end-to-end encryptionp
  • 16 participants per session PRO
  • Unlimited session durations PRO
  • Host on Eclipse, IntelliJ & VS Code IDEs  
  • Invite by private URL  
  • Join from any browser, anywhere  
* 1-1 sessions under 45 minutes & participants are always free.

Enterprise On-Premises

Starting at


Tailor this plan to your specific needs.

Roll out CodeTogether internally and keep your source 100% behind the firewall.
  • Secure sessions with end-to-end encryptionp
  • Licensed by simultaneous connections, starts at 25
  • Unlimited session durations  
  • Host on Eclipse, IntelliJ & VS Code IDEs  
  • Invite by private URL  
  • Join from any browser in your network  

Keeping Your Code Secure

CodeTogether utilizes a number of measures to safeguard your code. Regardless of which plan you choose, CodeTogether uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Cloud-Saas Plan

When you choose this plan, our edge servers route the source payloads; however, the encryption key is never shared with our server. Only necessary functional requests are relayed to host systems, resulting in more performant sessions and reducing the amount of source code that is transferred between systems. You get peace of mind knowing that the source remains on your system and is never transferred to our servers or any remote repository.

Cloud security

Enterprise Plan

If part of your company’s security strategy includes keeping all data on-premises, you can still program with CodeTogether. When you choose this plan, you’ll be able to deploy your own instance of CodeTogether on your intranet. Your data never needs to traverse the Internet, unless you want it to. And if you use regional edge servers, CodeTogether uses a session locator to ensure optimal server locations are used.